Friday, January 3, 2014

A Great Start to 2014

I am still so excited about all the support that Roger and I received yesterday. I would have not imagined that this was going to be the response. In just one day we reached 1% of our goal. This can happen, and I believe in it more now than ever before!

I am so thankful that Roger did not allow me to give up on our dreams of being parents, and to push ourselves to save and raise enough money to make our miracle baby happen.

Our goal is to raise and save enough money to begin our IVF treatment in June. This will be our 4 year anniversary, and a great gift to each other.

I want to post some links to help everyone better understand the costs and the procedures for IVF:

I am so thankful to God, our family, and our friends.

2014 could not have had a better start.