Thursday, January 2, 2014

Could Not Be More Grateful!

So today, after lots of talking with Roger, I decided that this was the time to announce to ALL our friends and family about the struggles we have with becoming parents. I was so nervous! My heart was pounding, my palms were sweaty, and I felt like I was going to cry, but I did it. I was able to post on Facebook our struggle, and I was able to ask for help.

I was so afraid, and I don't know why. I was asked by a good friend (who already knew) why I was afraid and so nervous about opening up to our friends and family. I had no answer. Maybe it was the fact that I feel like a failure in being a wife. Or maybe it is because Roger and I don't usually ever ask for help. But really I had no answer. Why was I so hesitant to let people know that we were stuggling?

I believe the answer is, I was afraid of what people would think. Would they think we were failures, would they think that we are asking for money out of greed, or would people think that we just didn't deserve to be asking for money for such a personal reason?

I can't tell you the support that Roger and I got within a few hours of announcing that we were having trouble conceiving. The phone calls started, texts were received, emails sent. I was in tears within minutes from all the support. We were able to raise $80 already, and I can't count how many prayers that we were told we were getting. We thank everyone for every nice thing they have said, every dollar donated, and I hope one day that we can tell everyone that because of them we were able to have our miracle baby.

I should have listened to Roger from the beginning and not let us go through this nightmare alone.

We love all of you, and we can't say Thank You enough!

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